Leaf Hide-and-Seek: Fall Speech Therapy Activity

A great fall speech therapy activity I like to do with my students is "Leaf Hide-and-Seek". The game is very simple and requires minimal setup, but the outcomes are great! In order to play, you will need to place leaves in different areas of a room. Then ask the child to search for the hidden [...]

halloween crafts for speech therapy

8 Halloween Crafts for Speech and Language Therapy

Halloween is right around the corner and what a better way to work on speech and language skills with your child or students than to do crafts. From spooky ghosts to silly pumpkins, pick out some Halloween crafts for speech therapy from this list and start working on your child's goals. You can use crafts [...]

5 Best Children’s Books for October

Happy October! Although it's still feeling like summer here in NJ, apparently it really is fall. With hopes of cooler weather, colorful leaves, and all things pumpkin, I have complied a fantastic list of children's books for October. In addition to the list, I have added a short synopsis of each book and recommended ages. [...]

5 Ways to Use Let’s Go Fishin’ Game for Speech Therapy

Let's Go Fishin' game is favorite among my students. I really enjoy using this game in speech therapy since it can be played so many different ways and is easily able to be played with groups of children. The game is geared for children ages 4 to 7, however, many of my older students choose [...]

fall activities for speech therapy

5 Fall Activities for Speech Therapy

5 Fall Activities for Speech Therapy 1. Fall Leaf Frame This very cute leaf frame is a perfect fall activity for speech therapy. Have the child request for leaves he wants to put on the frame (Ex. "I want a red leaf"). If your child requests using only 1-2 word utterances, then help the child [...]

Simple Speech Door Craft

This simple craft is great for adding some flair to your office door! Speech Door Craft Materials Wood letters Mod podge Foam brush Scrapbook paper Scissors Mounting tape Speech Door Craft Directions Trace letters onto scrapbook paper. Carefully cutout letters. Use brush to modpodge scrapbook paper onto the letters. Brush on top of the paper [...]

Easy Preschool Apple Crafts

Looking for some easy apple crafts to do with your child or students? Look no further! These easy preschool apple crafts only require dot markers and paper. Doesn't get more simple than that! Apple crafts are a fun project for back-to-school time and the season of fall. Continue reading for directions to create two types [...]