5 best board games for preschoolers

best board games for preschoolers

Playing board games with your child is an excellent way to work on language skills. Some of the goals you can target include; turn taking, following directions, increasing vocabulary (ex. numbers, colors, animals), and expanding utterance length. As you play the game, ask your child Whose turn is it? (my turn or your turn). If the game involves a spinner or choosing a card, ask your child questions such as; What did you roll? What did you spin?. Help your child to expand his utterances when he answers these questions. For example, if he spins a “4”, encourage him to say “I spun a four”, instead of just labeling the number. If you’re playing a familiar game with your child, pretend that you forgot how to play the game, and have your child tell you the directions to play. Talk with your child about the pieces of the game or what items are on the board. Below please find the 5 best board games for preschoolers (ages 3-5 years old).

5 best Board games for Preschoolers

1. Zingo

A wonderful matching game. Great for working on turn-taking and general vocabulary skills. 


A fast-paced game that is great for turn-taking. 


A very fun game that is great for working on following directions and gets your little one moving!


A classic game that is great for working on colors, turn-taking, and following directions. 

5. Hi Ho Cherry-o

Another classic game that is perfect for working on counting and turn-taking. 

For more great games for language development, check out: 5 Perfect Games for Turn Taking

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