10 toys for under $10

10 Toys for Under $10 for Language Development

There are so many toys out on the market that can help expand your child's language skills, that it becomes difficult to chose which ones to purchase as well as expensive. Luckily there are some reasonably priced toys available.  I have saved you some time and developed a list of 10 toys for under $10 [...]


Super Simple Kite Craft for Language

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive craft to do with your child? Here is the perfect craft for the windy days of March. Making a kite has never been so simple. Below you will find the directions to make the craft as well as some ideas to incorporate language skills. Materials 1. Construction paper [...]

Free Passover Matching Game

Free Passover Matching Game for Language

Passover is an eight-day festival to commemorate the freedom of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Passover 2017 begins sundown on April 10th. Take time to talk about this holiday with your child since there are a lot of new terms used during this holiday that your child may not be familiar with (i.e. seder, [...]

5 Awesome Ways to Increase Language Skills with Category Cards

Category cards are a fantastic way to improve your child's language skills (ages 3 and up). The cards offer many different ways to use them so your child will not get bored. The best product of category cards that I have found include very simple cards.  Each card has one large colorful picture of an object. [...]

5 Outstanding Ways to Use a Mystery Box for Speech and Language

5 Outstanding Ways to Use a Mystery Box to Improve Speech and Language Skills

First of all, you may be wondering; What is a mystery box?   A mystery box is any box that has a small opening in which a hand can fit inside. Inside the box contains mystery objects, such as small toys or objects. You can easily create your own mystery box using a tissue box.  Place inside [...]

Dot Markers

5 Best Ways to Use Dot Markers for Language Development

There are so many ways you can use dot markers with your child to work on specific language goals. Not only can these paint markers make cool pictures, they are also virtually mess-free. If you don't already own dot markers, please think about purchasing a pack for your little one. They are easy to hold for young children [...]

6 Language Activities For Car Rides

6 of the Easiest Language Activities for Car Rides

For most of us, driving in the car with your child is something we do on almost a daily basis. Whether it's to transport your youngster back-and-forth from school or to a sports practice, we find ourselves in the car frequently. This is a terrific time to try some activities to help increase your child's [...]