Early Intervention Language Toys

5 Best Early Intervention Language Toys

I recently started a new part-time job of providing speech therapy for children receiving Early Intervention (ages 3 and younger). I purchased some news toys to bring into the child's home with me to help work on receptive and expressive language skills. I also am continuing to use some toys that I've had for awhile [...]

reusable sticker pad for language development

5 Language Skills to Target With the Best Reusable Stickerpad

If you don't already know, the Melissa & Doug brand has the best toys, games, and activities to use with your child.  The products often even list ways to use them to help develop stronger language skills for your child. I have written about their reusable stickerpad product previously in my post 10 Toys for Under [...]

10 toys for under $10

10 Language Development Toys for Under $10

There are so many toys out on the market that can help expand your child's language skills, that it becomes difficult to chose which ones to purchase as well as expensive. Luckily there are some reasonably priced toys available.  I have saved you some time and developed a list of 10 toys for under $10 [...]

mystery box

5 Outstanding Ways to Use a Mystery Box to Improve Language Skills

First of all, you may be wondering; What is a mystery box?   A mystery box is any box that has a small opening in which a hand can fit inside. Inside the box contains mystery objects, such as small toys or objects. You can easily create your own mystery box using a tissue box.  Place inside [...]

10 Language Activities for a Snow Day

10 Easy Activities to Promote Language Development on a Snow Day

The northeast is gearing up for a blizzard tomorrow (bring on the snow Stella!).  This means you most likely will be at home all day with your child, as most schools will be closed.  Snow days are a great time to relax and spend time with your family. Here are 10 activities you can do [...]

sequencing cards

Valuable Ways to Use Sequencing Cards with Your Child

Sequencing cards are a great way to help work with your child understand a series of events. The ability to put sequences in order will help your child down the road re-tell stories in a sequential manner.  The product below is one of my favorites when working with children (4-years and older) on this important [...]

Mr. Potato Head

5 Important Language Skills to Target When Playing Mr. Potato Head With Your Child

Mr. Potato Head is a classic children's toy that does not get dated or go out of style.  It is also a great toy to work on increasing your child's language abilities. Here are 5 ways you can use this toy when working with your child. Language Skills Vocabulary- Ask your child to point to all [...]