Powerful Ways to Increase Your Child’s Eye Contact

Does your child have difficulty looking at you when asking for things or telling you something?  Poor eye contact is very common for child on the Autism Spectrum. Establishing and maintaining eye contact is an important ability to have socially. There are some ways you can work with your child to help increase this skill.

  1. Hold desired objects up near your face. Try to not give the object to your child until he or she looks up at the object and essentially looks up at you.
  2. Put your child’s hand on your face.  This type of tactile prompt may help your child look at your face.
  3. Give a verbal reminder. If your child is a little older and understands directions then you may be able to give them a reminder to look at you.  If they are answering a question or requesting for a desired object but do not look at you, then remind them they need to look at you and have them speak again.  You can remind your child that when people speak to each other they also look at each other.

Activities you can try at home:

  1. Roll or throw a ball back and forth with your child.  Wait for your child to look up at you prior to giving the ball back to them.
  2. Color with your child but you should stay in control of the crayons or markers.  If your child requests for a certain color but does not look at you when asking, then remind your child to look and have them try again.  You can also hold the desired color up by your face to help them look up at you.
  3. Do a puzzle together.  I would choose a puzzle with large pieces and hold each piece up by your face.  When your child requests for the piece, remind them to look up at you.  Some great puzzles to use include:

To purchase one of these puzzles, please click on the image.

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