Valuable Ways to Use Sequencing Cards with Your Child

Sequencing cards are a great way to help work with your child understand a series of events. The ability to put sequences in order will help your child down the road re-tell stories in a sequential manner.  The product below is one of my favorites when working with children (4-years and older) on this important skill.


Target Language Skills

This product provides 16 picture stories.  Each story has three cards that all have real-life pictures.  Depending on your child’s ability and familiarity with this task, first put one of the stories in order.  Talk with your child about each card (i.e. “First, the boy gets his shoes.  Then, he puts on his shoes.  Last. he stands up).  Then mix up the sequencing cards and see if your child is able to put them back in order.  If your child is having difficulty, show them the first card again and see if they can then add the next two cards in the correct order.

During this task, you can also work on your child’s expressive language as well.  Once the cards are put in order, help your child create sentences about each picture (increase their sentence length).  You can also practice using subject pronouns as well (he/she) (i.e. She has a present. She  opens the present.  She looks at the present). Another skills that can be addressed with these cards is using the present progressive verb -ing (i.e. “She is getting a block”.  “She is building with the blocks”).

To purchase this product click here.

Additional Recommended Sequencing Cards

Check out other recommended sequencing products below.

Learning to Sequence 4-Scene


Pocket Chart Card Set Story Sequencing


The Learning Journey Match It! Sequencing

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