Why Do Speech Therapists Play Games?

Have you ever wondered why do speech therapists play games? Is the your child’s therapist even really working on speech sounds or language skills while playing games? Well the answer is definitely yes! Speech therapists are able to target MANY skills while playing games. Here are some of the skills a speech therapist is able to target while playing games with your child:

Speech Goals to Target while playing games

1. Turn taking

Board games are a great way for your child to practice taking turns and using language surrounding turn-taking (Ex. my turn, your turn).

2. Following Directions

A speech therapist is able to help your child practice following directions while playing games. For example, your child may spin a spinner and have to move his piece forward two spots or move a piece to a red square.

3. Articulation (Speech sounds)

If your child is attending speech therapy to work on improving articulation skills, games may also be brought out during sessions. Practicing speech sounds can sometimes be a bit boring. However, if your child is able to take a turn in a favorite game after saying his speech sound 10 times, he may be more motivated to practice his sounds!

4. Increasing Vocabulary

Different games offer your child a chance a to learn new vocabulary. Take Candyland for example, your child will have many opportunities to practice colors. If your child is playing Zingo, he will have an opportunity to practice the names of common objects. If your child is playing Uno!, he will have the chance to practice numbers and colors!

There is a game to play for almost any speech goal your child may have. Next time you see your child’s therapist pull out a game during a speech session, ask her afterwards what goals she was working on at the time. See if you can work on your child’s speech goals at home by playing games as well! I hope now you have the answer to: Why do speech therapists play games?

Best games for speech therapy

  1. Candyland
  2. Zingo
  3. Uno!
  4. Pop the Pig
  5. Pop the Pirate
  6. Hedbanz
  7. Connect4
  8. Guess Who?
  9. Let’s Go Fishin’
  10. Farmyard Bingo

For more games ideas check outL: 5 best board games for preschoolers.

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