5 Fall Activities for Speech Therapy

5 Fall Activities for Speech Therapy

5 Fall Activities for Speech Therapy

1. Fall Leaf Frame

This very cute leaf frame is a perfect fall activity for speech therapy. Have the child request for leaves he wants to put on the frame (Ex. “I want a red leaf”). If your child requests using only 1-2 word utterances, then help the child expand his utterance. The leaves from this craft come with adhesive backings. The child can also request for help to remove the backings. Once the child is done decorating the craft, help him attach his photo. After completing the craft, have the child tell you about the different leaves on his frame.

2. Create-a-Pumpkin Stickers

These sticker sheets are a great activity for your speech students to do around Halloween! They are also a nice activity to do with a group of students. Each student can make their own pumpkin face or you can have the students make one face together. Have the students request for each facial piece to add to the pumpkin (Ex. “I want a nose”). Remember to expand on the child’s sentence if he uses 1-2 word utterances to request. After completing the pumpkin, talk with the child about the pumpkin’s emotion, such as if it looks happy, scary, or silly. You can then talk with the child about how they know the pumpkin is that certain emotion (Ex. The pumpkin is silly because his tongue is sticking out).

3. Apple Dot Craft

Preschool Apple Crafts

This apple craft is a great fall activity for little ones especially preschoolers. To complete the craft you will need dot markers, paper, and an apple template.  Have the child request for each dot marker he wants to use. You can also practice following directions with this craft by asking the child to make a certain amount of dots (Ex. Make five red dots). You can then write any message above or below the apple, such as the child’s name, “back to school”, or “You’re the apple of my eye!”.

4. Fall Scavenger Hunt

Hide these apples around the room and have the child look for them. Once the child is done collecting the hidden apples have him tell you about the apples he finds (Ex. “I found a green apple” or “I found a little red apple”). Help the child expand his sentences. You can also have the child talk about where he finds each apple such as under the desk or on the shelf.

5. Turkey Craft

This turkey craft is perfect for Thanksgiving! Your students will love putting the turkey together and decorating it. Have the student request for each piece and you can also have him practice following directions (Ex. Put on a purple feather). Once the craft is complete, help the child sequence the steps he took to complete the turkey (Ex. First, I put on the wing. Then, I put on the face…).


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