Easy Preschool Apple Crafts

Looking for some easy apple crafts to do with your child or students? Look no further! These easy preschool apple crafts only require dot markers and paper. Doesn’t get more simple than that! Apple crafts are a fun project for back-to-school time and the season of fall. Continue reading for directions to create two types of apple crafts.

Easy Preschool Apple Crafts

Preschool Apple Craft Directions

Step by Step directions:

  1. Print out apple template from patternuniverse.com.
  2. Cut out template.
  3. To make the apple with the paint inside, lightly tape the outline of the apple onto a sheet of paper.
  4. To make the apple with the paint on the boarders, lightly tape the cutout apple onto a sheet of paper.  
  5. Let your child dot up the whole paper, including the stencil.
  6. Once dry, carefully remove the stencil and take a look at the colorful apple.
  7. Write any message you’d like on the picture. Some of my favorites include; “You’re the apple of my eye”, “Happy fall y’all”, and “Back to School”.
Preschool apple crafts
Apple stencil taped onto paper.
Preschool Apple Crafts
Once you remove the stencil, write a message inside the apple.
Preschool Apple Crafts
Make dots around the apple stencil to create this craft.

Ways to Incorporate Speech and Language Goals in Craft

  1. Have your child request for different color dot markers. You can also have him request to “open” each marker.
  2. Provide your child with directions to follow when completing the craft, such as “Make 5 red dots”.
  3. Practice sequencing. See if your child can recall the steps it took to create the craft. (Ex. “First, you cut out the apple. Then, you tape the apple to the paper…”)
  4. Use descriptive words to talk about the apples. (Ex. red, green, yellow, hard, juicy).


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