Leaf Hide-and-Seek: Fall Speech Therapy Activity

A great fall speech therapy activity I like to do with my students is “Leaf Hide-and-Seek”. The game is very simple and requires minimal setup, but the outcomes are great! In order to play, you will need to place leaves in different areas of a room. Then ask the child to search for the hidden leaves.

Fall Speech Therapy Activity

Speech and Language Goals to Target During “Leaf Hide-and-Seek”

Expanding utterance length. As the child finds the leaves, have him tell you about what he just found. Depending on how many words he is able to produce in an utterance, you can help him formulate different sentences about the leaves (Ex. “Orange leaf”, “I found an orange leaf”, or “I found a small orange leaf”).

Spatial Concepts. Have the child tell you about where he found the leaf. Did he find it under the table or in a box?

Describing. Once the child finishes collecting the leaves, bring them back to the table. Talk about what the leaves look like. You can help the child make a list of description words about the leaves (Ex. big, small, pointy, round, yellow, orange, red, long stem, short stem).

Articulation. If your child is working on articulation skills, attach a picture card with his sound to each leaf. As the child finds the leaves, have him say the word on the card or produce a sentence using the word.

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