5 K Sound Books for Speech Therapy

If your child is working on producing the K sound appropriately, then reading books with the K sound is a great activity to do together. Reading books with your child’s target sound will help give him many good models of the sound (a great auditory bombardment activity). When you’re reading the book to your child, please make sure to emphasize the K sound in all target words. You can remind your child that the K sound is made in the back of the mouth (throat area) and the tongue stays down. You can refer to the K sound as the “coughing sound” since a cough and /k/ are produced in the same area.

While reading the book, you can have your child repeat the words after you. If your child is is practicing the K sound in structured reading tasks, you can have him read the book to you. When your child begins to practice the K sound in structured conversation, you can ask him to retell the story to practice his target sound.

Below are five K sound books bombarded with the sound to help improve your child’s articulation skills.

K Sound Books

K Sound Books for Speech Therapy

1. Grumpy Cat

/K/ initial words include: cat, come, cute, care

/K/ medial words include: talking, asked

/K/ final words include: like

2. Kiss the Cow

/K/ initial words include: kiss, cow, couldn’t, count, curious, carried, kept, curving

/K/ medial words include: squeaked, milking

/K/ final words include: milk, thank, drank, took

3. Stuck

/K/ initial words include: kite, cat, car, curious, could

/K/ medial words include: ridiculous, bucket, bicycle, milkman, across

/K/ final words include: stuck, unstuck, knock, think, back, duck, truck

4. If I Built a Car

/K/ initial words include: car, constantly, contemplate, Cadillac, curvy, colors, can, collision, come, couch, comfy, cool, can, controls, capture, cruising, catfish, Keys, keen

/K/ medial words include: okay, rockets, spectacular, retractable, accents, actually, picked, vacation

/K/ final words include: Jack, like, work, sleek, back, tank, look, snack, lake, take

5. Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory

/K/ initial words include: curious, covered, caught, caramel, coming, catch, caused, car

/K/ medial words include: chocolate, factory, monkeys, stocked, balcony, workers, peaked, making

/K/ final words include: look, quick, back

For more /K/ sound activities and tips please visit here.

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