4 Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Crafts are a great way to work on language skills with your child. These activities allow your child many opportunities to request for desired items, follow single or multi-step directions, and learn about sequencing. Show your child a picture of what the finished product should look like before beginning the craft. Then have your child request for the items he needs if you are working on increasing expressive language. If you want to practice following directions, then you can provide the steps to complete the craft to your child. You can increase the difficulty by giving him two directions at once (a multi-step direction). Once the craft is completed, help you child talk about the steps he took to complete it (Ex. First I glued on the ears. Then I drew two eyes. Etc.).  Continue reading for four easy summer crafts for kids.

summer crafts for kids

Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

1. Foam Turtle Craft 

A nice and easy craft that will be fun for your child on a long summer day! These foam turtles are adorable and the pieces come with sticky backings. These foam turtles are a perfect summer craft for kids and even come with googly eyes. Have your child request for the pieces of the turtle (Ex. “I want the body” or “I want the shell”). Try to expand your child’s utterances during the activity. If your child says “star”, you can say “red star” or “I want star” and have your child repeat. This is a great craft to practice sequencing since there are not too many steps.

2. Ice Cream Magnet Craft 

Your child will love making this tasty craft on a rainy day! The craft can also be hung up on the fridge for your child to admire. Remember to stay in control of the decorating pieces so your child needs to request for the items from you. You can also practice some following directions with this activity as well. For example, tell your child Put on a red sprinkle then a blue sprinkle.

3. Make-a-Beach Sticker Sheets

These sticker sheets are a fun craft for working on various language goals. Have your child ask for each sticker he wants. Remember to help him expand his sentences as well. You can also easily practice spatial concepts during the activity. Ask your child where he wants to put the sticker. If he has difficulty answering the question, you can provide him with two options (Ex. On the sand or  in the water).

4. Colorful Frame Craft

These colorful frames are a perfect summer craft for kids. This arts and craft project is great for practicing colors and shapes with your child. Have your child request for the stickers he wants or you can provide him with options (Ex. Do you want the orange square or the yellow square?). You can also practice the spatial concepts of top and bottom with this craft. Ask your child where he wants to put the sticker, at the top of the frame or at the bottom of the frame.

For more summer activities to increase language skills click here. 


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