5 Best Children’s Books for August

Happy August! The dog days of summer are here. Hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy time outside with your family and relax a bit. School will be back in session shortly, so please remember to keep your child’s brain stimulated by reading books together. August is a great time to read about outdoor activities, water themes, and getting ready to go back to school. Below are the five best children’s books for August that I hope you enjoy with your child!

5 best children's books for august

5 Best Children’s Books for August

1. I Spy Under the Sea

I Spy Under the Sea is such a fun and interactive book to read during the month of August. Each page of the book has an “I spy” hole, so your little one can look through and use clues to guess the next under the sea animal. Once your child tries to guess the animal, he can turn the page to see if he was correct. Then have your child count the animals on each page. This book is great for practicing inference skills, increasing animal vocabulary, and counting. For ages 2-5. 

2. Summer

Summer is a wonderful book about the indoor and outdoor activities that can take place during the season. Your child will enjoy the vibrant illustrations and viewing summer through the eyes of these children. This book is great for increasing noun and action vocabulary.

3. A Fish Out Of Water

This is a classic easy-reader book about a boy getting a new pet. The little boy in the story is told to only give his fish a little bit of food. However, he decides to give his fish a lot of food, which consequently makes his fish grow to the size of a whale. Your child will love the funny situations with arise in this story. It’s a great story to learn about following rules and directions. For ages 3-7. 

4. Wish for a Fish

Cat in the Hat characters take a journey down to the sea in this fantastic story. The children meet so many different under the sea animals. Your child will enjoy learning about so many different animals in this beautifully written rhyming story. For ages 4-8. 

5. Froggy Goes to School

Froggy Goes to School is an excellent story to get your child ready to head back to school. The book has many repetitive words and sounds so your child can actively help read along with you. This book is great if your little one is a bit nervous to start school. For ages 3-6. 

Check out other summertime stories for the months of June and July.

Please comment below with your favorite children’s books for August! 


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