The 5 Best Books for June to Read to Your Child

We made it to June! Summer officially begins on June 21st, but for many of us, we are already on summer mode. June is a great time to take some books outside and find a shady place to read with your child. This month is a great time to read about the summer, the beach, swimming, and all things outdoor-related! Keep reading for an awesome list of the 5 best books for June to read to your child.

1. Summer is Here

Summer is Here is a beautifully illustrated book with simple text. The book explains many things that you can do and see during the season such as see caterpillars turn into butterflies or take a trip to the beach/lake with your family. Remember to talk about the pictures on each page of the book. Ask your child questions about the pictures and even ask him to identify certain things on the pages (Ex. Show me/point to something green). For ages 3-7. 

2.The Bears’ Vacation

The Bears’ Vacation is a great book for June. The book is about the Bernstein Bear Family taking a trip to the beach. There are many wonderful verbs in the book, which will help your child increase his action-word vocabulary (Ex. swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and sailing). Also, this is book is great if your child is learning to read as this is an easy-reader book. For ages 3-7. 

3. Peppa Goes Swimming

If your child loves Peppa Pig, then he will surely love this story book! In Peppa Goes Swimming, Peppa and Rebecca Rabbit show George how fun it is to go swimming since George is a little scared of the pool. This book is wonderful if you’re child is learning how to swim. The pictures are great and the story is easy to follow for little ones. For ages 3-5. 

4. My Dad Is the Best Playground

What a great book to read to celebrate the dad in your child’s life, especially with Father’s Day occurring during the month. Father’s Day this year (2017) falls on June 18th. This book is really cute at showing all the ways your child can have fun with his dad. For ages 3-5. 

5. Giraffes Ruin Everything

June is a great month to take your child to the zoo! Perhaps before or after a trip to the zoo, you can take some time to read Giraffes Ruin Everything. This story book is funny and will keep your child entertained throughout. There are some more advanced vocabulary words in the story, so take a moment to talk about the meaning of some of these words with your child. For ages 4-8. 

Happy reading and Happy June!

Click here for more information about using books to improve language skills.

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