Fabulous Interactive Bingo Game for Language Therapy

Bingo Game for Language Therapy

Are you looking for some new toys to help work on your child’s language skills? One of my new favorite toys is the Fisher-Price Barnyard Bingo Game. This interactive bingo game is simple, yet can be modified in different ways depending on your child’s skill level. Your child will love the sound that occurs when he opens the barn door to get an animal. Each time you open up the barn door, another animal falls down the chute. The game comes with a 3-D Barn with 12 chips inside. There are four different colored chips and each one has either a chicken, sheep, or cow. The game also comes with four fences. The object of the game is to be the first to collect all the animals with the same color as your fence. Continue reading to find out what language skills you can target with this game.

bingo game for language therapy
Fisher-Price Barnyard Bingo Game

Barnyard Bingo and Language Skills

1. Vocabulary- The game can target some simple vocabulary such as colors, animals, and animal noises. Have your child label each animal and color as he takes it out of the barn.

2. Expanding sentence length- As your child takes out an animal, model for him an expanded sentence (Ex. “Blue pig” or “I got a blue pig”). When your child has a match, model for him an appropriate statement such as “It’s a match” or “I got a match”.

3. Turn-taking- This game is great for practicing taking turns. Make sure you go back and forth opening the barnyard door. Help your child request for his turn (ex. “My turn”) and help him tell you when it’s your turn (ex. “Your turn”).

4. Modified version- If your child’s language skills are very delayed, this game can easily be modified. Your child can request to “open” the barn door and take out the animals. In order to do this, it’s best to stay in control of the barn. Hold it close to you and only give it to your child after he requests to open the door (the request can be in the form of just giving your eye contact, saying “open”, or using a sign for open). You can help assist your child to match the animal on the fence. Model the names of the animals for your child too. See if he will repeat the sound of the animal.

Fisher-Price Barnyard Bingo Game is best for children ages 2 and up. It currently costs less than $23. It’s definitely a purchase you won’t regret. 

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