8 Necessary Items for Successful Speech Teletherapy

As many schools around the country headed back to school this month, speech language pathologists are learning to adapt to the new normal: Teletherapy. Over the past few weeks, as I’ve prepared to provide therapy to my students virtually, I’ve come up with a list of necessary items to help make speech teletherapy successful. It’s not always easy providing therapy this new way, but hopefully with some of these items you’ll have an easier time.

8 Necessary Items for Successful Speech Teletherapy

1. Document Camera

A document camera is an amazing tool to have while doing speech teletherapy. It allows you to use your paper materials virtually. This document camera is reasonably priced and allows you to use your cell phone as the camera. 


A green screen is a MUST if you are providing teletherapy to your students. Most platforms allow you to use virtual backgrounds, but you will most likely need a green screen behind you in order for it to work. Green felt (6’x6′ should be the perfect size) is a great way to make a green screen because you can velcro items to it easily. 


A good headset with microphone is ideal, especially when working with articulation students. It’s SO important for the therapist to be able to be heard well and for you to be able to hear the student.

4. Blue Light Glasses

After staring at the computer for hours, you may notice your eyes hurt or you even have a headache. Blue light glasses can help minimize the strain on your eyes. Grab yourself a pair and save yourself from the headaches later!

5. Ring Light

If you plan to use a green screen for your teletherapy, you may notice if there is too much natural light around, you may appear not as clear as you’d like. To reduce problems with green screens, it’s best to use artificial light. A ring light can also help brighten you up and make you less blurry if you are doing your teletherapy in a room that’s a bit dark.

6. Extra Monitor

If you are doing a lot of group therapy, an extra monitor can be beneficial. You can use one monitor to share your screen and use a second monitor to see your students.

7. White Board

A white board is great to help with visuals during virtual speech therapy. Use it to write down articulation words, use it for brainstorming tasks, or have your student provide directions how to draw a specific item.

8. Laptop Stand

Virtual therapy doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, you might as well be comfortable doing it. A laptop stand for your desk or table can help elevate your laptop to a comfortable position for your neck and back.

Let me know your favorite speech teletherapy items in the comment section! Also check out Home Speech Therapy Activities for Preschool Age.

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