5 Speech Therapy Activities for Preschool Age

Whether you are a speech pathologist or a parent looking for ways to help improve your preschool child’s communication skills, you’ve come to the right place to get new ideas. I’ve listed below some of my favorite speech therapy activities for preschool age children along with ideas of how to use them.

5 Speech Therapy Activities for Preschool Age

  1. Sticker Pads

These “Melissa & Doug” reusable sticker pads are a fantastic way to work on your child’s language skills. Each pad comes with multiple scenes and a large variety of reusable sticks. The child can request for desired stickers working on improving vocabulary and increasing utterance length. These pads are also great for working on following directions and spatial concepts. You can tell your child a direction such as, “Put the cow next to the barn”

2. Dot Markers

Another great speech therapy activity for preschool age are these Dot markers. They are less messy than regular paint, but still very exciting. Have your child request for the color they want (Ex. “I want blue”). Talk to your child about what they are doing to help expand their language skills (ex. “I see you are making a lot of dots.” or “I like how you are making lines with the marker”). Check out these pictures to color with your dot markers.

3. Zingo

Zingo is also an excellent game for improving your child’s vocabulary and turn-taking skills. Players of this game take turns using the “zinger” to match pictures to their game board. Have your child label the pictures they find and request to take their turn. You can also ask your child simple “wh” questions about the pictures (Ex. “Where do you put a shoe? or “What color is an apple?”)

4. Mystery Box Game

This game is simple, but is very powerful for increasing a child’s language skills. Take turns with your child hiding a household object in the box. When it’s your child’s turn to guess what’s in the box, help them describe what they feel and ask questions to get more information (Ex. “I feel something soft” or “Can you find this object in the kitchen?”). This activity is great for improving descriptive vocabulary, asking questions, and taking turns.

5. Fishing Game

This game will be highly motivating for your child! Take turns with your child to catch fish using the fishing rods. Have your child talk about what fish he catches (Ex. “I caught a blue fish” or “I caught two red fish”). This game is great for helping your child to expand sentences and take turns. You can also use this game as a reward for working on another speech/language skill (Ex. After practicing five articulation words, your child can take a turn in the game).

For more speech therapy activities for preschool check out: 5 best board games for preschoolers.

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