5 /R/ Sound Books for Speech Therapy

If you’re child is working on producing the /R/ sound appropriately, then reading books with these sounds is a great activity to do together. Reading books with your child’s target sound will help give him many good models of the sound (a great auditory bombardment activity). When you’re reading the book to your child, please make sure to emphasize the /R/ sound in all target words. These books contain many pre-vocalic /r/ and vocalic/r/ words. Below are five /R/ sound books bombarded with the sound to help improve your child’s articulation skills.

/R/ Sound Books for Speech Therapy

1. Little Red Riding Hood

/R/ initial words include: red, riding, ran

/R/ medial words include: forest, appeared, warning, answered, bedroom, hearing

/R/  final words include: for, where, are, better, cutter

2. Row Row Row Your Boat

/R/ initial words include: row, rowing, rocking, raining, roar

/R/ medial words include: merrily, scurry, nearing

/R/  final words include: your, oar, water, better, beaver, hear, roar

3. How Rocket Learned to Read

4. My “r” Book

/R/ initial words include: rabbits, radishes, rooster, raccoon, ran, rat, road, reindeer, rowboat, rain, raincoat, rhinoceros, raft, rock, rope, rest, rested, rainbow, race, rose, ring

/R/ medial words include: rhinoceros, around

/R/  final words include: rooster, reindeer

5. Let It Rain

/R/ initial words include: rain, row, river, rainbow, riding

/R/ medial words include: carrots, downpours, garden, farmer, classroom, hooray

/R/  final words include: farmer

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