5 Best Children’s Books for January

Happy New Year! Thank you to my readers who continue to follow this blog for another year. January is the perfect month to snuggle up with your child and read some books about the new year, snow, and all things winter. Remember to ask your child questions about what’s happening the story to check his comprehension. You can also have your child tell you about what he sees on each page. Continue reading to find out the best children’s books for January.

best children's books for january

5 Best Children’s Books for January

1. The Night Before New Year’s

A great story to bring in the new year with your child! This book is about how one family celebrates the new year together. The story rhymes and has wonderful illustrations (perfect for describing!). Your child will learn about vocabulary associated with the new year and will enjoy a festive story while doing so! For ages 3-5 years. 

2. My First Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr. 

On January 15th, we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is a fantastic book to introduce your child to this historic figure with simple text and colorful illustrations. The story includes kid-friendly information about civil rights that will inspire great discussions between you and your child. For ages 4-8 years. 

3. The Mitten

I love this classic winter story and I’m sure you will too! This story is about a boy who loses his mitten, which then becomes a warm place for many winter animals to stay. Your child will love seeing how big the mitten gets as each animal climbs in. Your child will learn about some unique wintertime animals in this story as well. After reading the story, see if your child can remember all the animals from the book. For ages 3-7 years. 

4. The Little Snow Plow

The Little Snow Plow is a wonderful story about perseverance. Your child will love to repeat the different sound effects from the book, such as beep beep and creak crack. A great winter story for truck-lovers! For ages 3-7 years.

5. A Penguin Story

In this book, Edna the penguin sets out to see what else is in the world besides ice and snow. She is curious about what other colors are out there besides white, black, and blue. A wonderful story for any penguin-lover. For ages 3-8 years. 

Please comment below with your favorite children’s books for January!

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