5 Winter Crafts for Kids – Improve Speech and Language Skills

Winter Crafts for Kids


1. Winter Coloring Book

This winter coloring book will be sure to provide lots of fun and opportunities to increase your child’s language skills. Have your child request for what color he wants to use. Talk to your child about what section he wants to color. For example, Do you want to color the scarf or the hat?. Have your child talk about what is happening on the page he is coloring (She is skiing or He is jumping). 

2. Decorate a Snowman

This winter craft is perfect if your child is working on requesting. Help your child to create short phrases or sentences to request for items to put in the snowman. For example, I want scarf or I want a blue button.

3. Gingerbread House Stickers

Your child will love this gingerbread craft activity. The stickers are perfect for working on spatial concepts with your little one. Have your child tell you where he wants to put the sticker before doing so. You can help your child by providing his with options (Do you want to put the dog next to the house or under the tree). 

4. Winter Beads

Work on requesting with your child with these fun winter beads! Have your child tell you which bead he wants next for his bracelet or necklace (I want a blue mitten). This activity is also great for fine motor skills!

5. Penguin Foam Kit

The penguin foam kit is a cute winter craft to complete with your child! The kit  includes 10 shapes for your child to put together the penguin. This means 10 opportunities for your child to request and expand his utterances while creating this fun craft!


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