5 Best Children’s Books for July

Happy July!! Schools out and hopefully you get to spend some extra quality time with your youngster. As you already know, reading is a fantastic way to improve a variety of language skills. July is a great time take a break from the heat and read about outdoor activities and ice cream. Take a look at the five best children’s books for July and get reading!

5 Best Children’s Books for July

 1. Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise

If your child is a fan of Curious George, he will love this summertime themed story. In this book, Curious George tries many ways to cool down on the hot days of summer. Nothing works, until he finds the ice cream truck. This book is great for talking about summertime activities. For ages 3-7. 

2. The Very Lonely Firefly

I love Eric Carle books. They are beautifully illustrated with not a lot of text. This is great because you can further describe the pictures and stories with your own words, or have your child talk about the pictures. In this story, the firefly is searching for his friends. He has some trouble at first and finds other lights that are not his friends. The best part of the book is that it actually lights up at the end! For ages 2-5. 

3. Summertime Bounce!

This is a really fantastic book for the summer. It’s all about a beach ball waiting to go out to play and what he does when he actually makes it to the beach. A really fun book for your child. As an added bonus, the back of the book has hidden pictures for your child to find throughout the story. For ages 4 and up. 

4. Fred and Ted Go Camping

Fred and Ted are quite the pair! These two pups are complete opposites. This book is great for learning to read, as there are many simple words and great visuals. Your child will learn about camping activities and also opposite words. A fun story to read! For ages 3-7. 

5. The Night Before Summer Vacation

An easy to read rhyming story about a family getting ready for their vacation. Everyone in this family takes a part of packing up for the trip. A great story to read before your own family vacation. For ages 4-8. 

Check out other summertime stories for the months of May and June.

Please comment below with your favorite children’s books for July. 

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