3 Easter Activities for Language Development

Easter 2017 is coming up on April 16th.  Below are three Easter activities with tips to encourage language development.

1. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? is a fantastic flap-book for children 2-5 years old.  You can target spatial concepts (ex. behind, up, next to) as the child in the story looks all around for eggs. You can also have your child request to “open” up the each flap. Count the eggs that the baby finds and talk about what each egg looks like with your child.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Set up a small Easter egg hunt with your child prior to the holiday. You can do this inside the house or outside. Print out this page of springtime vocabulary and place one picture in each egg. As your child finds the eggs, help him formulate a sentence, such as “I found an egg” or “I found a blue egg”. Next, help your child talk about where he found it (ex. under the couch or next to the table). Then have your child open up the egg and tell you what he found inside (ex. “a flower” or “I found a flower”).

Spring Vocabulary

Springtime Vocabulary Page

3. Easter Basket Surprise

For this activity, place Easter eggs in a basket. Put the springtime vocabulary pictures in each egg.  Have your child chose an egg to open.  Help model for your child a phrase or sentence to request for the egg, such as, “pink egg” or “I want the pink egg”. Your child can also request to “open” the egg. Once your child opens the egg, have him tell you about what he found (Ex. “blue bird” or “I found a bird.”). You can also have your child practice answering questions about the pictures. For example; Where does a bird fly?, When do we use an umbrella?, Where do flowers grow?. If your child has difficulty answering questions, provide him with options (Ex. Where do flowers grow? In the sky or in the ground).  

Have a Happy Easter!!

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