3 Easy Tips to Help Your Child Produce the “L” Sound; Plus Free Activity

At around 4- to 5-years-old, your child should be appropriately producing the “L” sound.  Some common substitutions of this sound include; “y” (Ex. “yike” instead of like) and “w” (Ex. “wove” instead of love).  If your child is past the age of 5 and still producing this sound error, it may no longer be a developmental error.  Below are some tips and activities to practice with your child to help produce the “L” sound appropriately.

/L/ Tips

  1. Remind your child that his tongue should go up for the “L” sound.  His tongue should touch right behind his front teeth.
  2. Use a mirror and show your child how you make your tongue go up for the sound and have him imitate the motion.
  3. If your child is having difficulty getting the correct placement, use a lollipop and rub it behind his top teeth.  This will provide your child with a tactile cue for where the tongue should be.

/L/ Activities

  • Practice saying “L” in syllables.  (Ex. Lee, La, Loo, Low, Lay) Tip: Use a mirror as you practice.
  • Once your child is able to say “L” in syllables correctly, move on to “L” in initial position of words (Ex. Lion, Ladder, Lamp).
  • Download this FREE “L” activity to complete with your child to practice “L” in initial position of words.

Additional Practice Ideas

  • Have your child search for items in the house with his sound (Ex. Lamp, Light, Lego).
  • Help your child cut out items from magazines that have the “L” sound, then practice saying them.
  • When reading a book, point out all the words that have the “L” sound, then practice saying them.
  • Have your child tell you 10 things he likes. Practice the “L” sound in the word like each time.  (Ex. I like ice cream.  I like trains.  I like popcorn.)

Recommended Product

For additional “L” practice, purchase this set of “L” articulation cards.

Remember, if you have concerns regarding your child’s speech skills, reach out to a licensed speech language pathologist and request advice or an articulation evaluation.

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