5 Best Ways to Use Dot Markers for Language Development

There are so many ways you can use dot markers with your child to work on specific language goals. Not only can these paint markers make cool pictures, they are also virtually mess-free. If you don’t already own dot markers, please think about purchasing a pack for your little one. They are easy to hold for young children (3-years old and up) who may have some fine motor difficulties. Below are 5 ways to use dot markers while working on your child’s language skills.

1. Requesting

You should hold onto the markers and have your child request for each one. If your child is working toward producing 2-word utterances, have your child say “want blue”, or “blue marker”. If your child is working toward producing 3-4 word utterances, model for your child “I want blue” or “I want the blue”.

2. Eye contact

As your child requests for the markers, remind him/her to look at you. If your child is having difficulty with this task, hold the marker up by your face to encourage the eye contact.

3. Following directions

Provide directions for your child to follow while playing with the markers. For example, you can ask your child to make 5 green dots or color the sun yellow.

4. Sequencing

Make the activity into a repetitive sequence. Have your child pick a color, then shake the marker, then open the marker, then make dots! Do these steps each time, and see if your child remembers the next step.

5. Vocabulary

Have your child decide what he/she wants to make with the markers. Here is a website with many pictures ready to be dotted. The vocabulary options are endless; animals, letters, holidays, and seasons.

5 Best Ways to Use Dot Markers for Language Development
Completed dot pictured.  Coloring page from DLTK-Kids.

To purchase dot markers click here.

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