5 Speech therapy Activities for prepositions

As a speech language pathologist I have come across many students who demonstrate difficulty using and understanding prepositions (spatial concepts). Over the course of many years, I have gathered some favorite speech therapy activities for prepositions that I will share with you in a list below. Prepositions include words such as; in, on, under, next to, behind. Various prepositions are acquired at different ages (mostly between 2 and 5 years old). Check out this chart as a guide to the developmental order of prepositions.

Best speech therapy activities for Prepositions

1. Super Duper Barrier Game

This is definitely the most pricey item that will be on the list, but SO useful for working on prepositions. The activity comes with five different scenes (two of each) and 100 magnets, so besides working on prepositions you can target so many other goals (ex. vocabulary, following directions, answering questions). When working on prepositions, I like to take turns with my student providing directions as to where to put a magnet on a scene (ex. Put the dog next to the house). After providing a few directions, I like to have the student see if both of our scenes match before continuing on.

2. Little People Doll House

This simple doll house is another excellent way to work on prepositions. You can provide directions where your student should put each person (ex. Put the girl in the bath or Put the boy on the couch) or have the child put the dolls wherever he wants and then ask him where he put each doll (Ex. Where is the girl with the pink shirt?”). This doll house is also an excellent activity for working on verbs (ex. sleeping, eating, swinging, bathing)!

3. Fox in the box

Another excellent resource for working on prepositions! The activity comes various objects, cards, and a spinner. There are various ways to play the game and additional objectives you can target (ex. following directions, vocabulary, and rhyming). One way to work on prepositions is to have the child spin the spinner to land on a spatial concept. Then provide the child with a direction using that preposition (ex. Put the frog under the tree).

4. Simon Says

This is a great way to work on prepositions with a child who needs to move around. Provide your child directions containing spatial concepts around the room. For example; “Simon says stand next to the chair” or “Simon says put your foot under the chair.

5. Hide and Seek- Preposition Book

This is a fun and interactive books for children with many opportunities to practice using prepositions. Each animal is hiding in a different spot in the woods (ex. behind the wall and under the bench). Your student can find each animal hiding and then practice using a preposition to describe where he finds the animal.

For more speech therapy activities, check out this great list of 10 Language Activities That Don’t Require Toys.

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