10 Best Back to School Books for 2021

The 2021-2022 school year will be like no other for your child. Possibly, it’s the first time your child will be back in the school building in a very long time. Depending where you live, your child may have to wear a mask during the school day or may be facing other unique challenges due to the COVID pandemic. In any case, reading books about getting ready for the school year can help prepare your child and may ease some nerves. As a speech language pathologist I like to take the opportunity to work on increasing expressive and receptive language skills while reading books. You can do this by asking your child questions while reading, asking your child to point to something specific on a page, having your child re-tell the story after finishing the book, or it could even be as simple as having your child request to turn the page. I hope this list of back to school books for 2021 helps reduce some back to school jitters in your house!

1. Our Class is a family

2. Heroes Wear Masks: Elmo’s Super Adventure 

3. School is cool!

4. Splat the Cat: Back to School, Splat!

5. The Pigeon has to go to school!

6. Time for school, little blue truck

7. A Unique Start From 6 Feet Apart: A Book About Returning to the Classroom During a Pandemic

8. Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School



Wishing you and your child a healthy and happy school year!! For more back to school books check out: 5 Perfect Back to School Books to Read to Your Child.

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