5 Best Children’s Books for December

With this busy time of the year upon us, it’s important to remember to slow down at times. A wonderful way to do this is to read stories with your child. Reading books is a great way to spend time together and also practice improving your child’s language skills. Remember to ask your child questions about what is happening on the pages and also have your child tell you about what he sees in the pictures. Continue reading for the best children’s books for December.

children's books for december

5 Best Children’s Books for December

1. Just a Snowman

Another amazing story from the Little Critter series. Just a Snowman is a great book to read with your child during the month of December. In this story, Little Critter wants to build a snowman, but first he must help his family members with many winter tasks (ex. helping his sister find her snow boots and helping his father shovel.  This book is great for learning winter vocabulary and reviewing action words. For ages 4-8 years. 

2. Walk this World at Christmastime

This is a nice holiday story that allows your child to learn about how other cultures celebrate the holiday time. It’s a great book to start a bigger discussion about accepting others although they may be different. Although this book focuses primarily on Christmas celebrations, it also has pictures of families celebrating Hannukah and Kwanza. As an extra bonus, this book contains flaps! For ages 5 and up. 

3. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

A beautifully illustrated and informative book! Your child will be able to join brother and sister on their nature walk and learn about the sights of winter. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter is a lovely book to learn about the changes between these two seasons. For ages 3-6 years. 

4. Pete the Cat – Snow Daze

Pete the Cat books are fantastic for early readers! Your child will love helping you to read this book in December. Pete the Cat enjoys his snow days but when it snows day after day he soon wonders how much snow is too much. For ages 4-7 years. 

5. The First Day of Winter

The First Day of Winter is a fun book to read along with your child as it can be read to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”. Throughout the book a snowman is built and dressed by his little friend. For ages 3-7.

Please comment below with your favorite children’s books for December!

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