5 Best Melissa & Doug Toys for Speech Therapy

If you have been following my site, you already know that I’m a huge fan of Melissa & Doug toys for speech therapy. The toys this company makes are of great quality and provide so many language opportunities. The items are creative, fun, and your kids will love them! Keep reading for a list of the 5 best Melissa & Doug Toys for speech therapy.

5 Best Melissa & Doug Toys for Speech Therapy

Best Melissa & Doug Toys for Speech and Language Skills

1. Reusable Sticker Pads

My Town Sticker Pad//My Play House Sticker Pad//Make a Meal Sticker Pad

These sticker pads are awesome! They are great for both expressive and receptive language skills and can be used over and over. I’ve had my pads for over 4 years now, and the stickers still stay on the pages. Have your child request for each sticker he wants (Ex. “I want the dog”). Talk about the location of the items. Ask your child “where” he is going to put the sticker. Provide him options if necessary; Are you going to put the dog next to the tree or on the grass?. Practice following directions with the stickers. Give your child a 1- or 2-step direction to follow (Ex. Put the dog under the tree and then put the bird in the sky). After your child completes his picture, have him talk to you about what is on the page.

2. Cutting Food- Play Food Set

A great wooden food set! Each piece has Velcro can be “cut” with the wooden knife provided. This item is great for learning about different foods and great for pretend play. Have your child request for which food he wants to cut. After he’s done cutting the foods, help him count the pieces. You can then each pretend to eat or cook the food. This toy is extremely durable!

3. Hide and Seek Puzzle

My all-time favorite puzzle to use for speech therapy. The puzzle has nine doors that open and shut and each one has a magnetic object inside. Your little one will love opening the doors and seeing what is behind. Have your child request to open each door. I like to have the child knock on the door and then say “open” before doing so. I normally keep a finger on the door to keep it closed until the child requests for the action. Have your child label the vocabulary behind each door. You can also ask your child questions about the item (Ex. Where does a bird fly?). I like this puzzle so much, I wrote an entire post on it. Check it out here. 

4. Shape Sorting Dump Truck

I love multi-purpose toys! The shape shorter part of the truck is great for learning about cause and effect. The shapes provided allow for a great opportunities to learn about different shapes, colors, and counting. The two people that come with the truck are great for pretend play. This item really has it all! Have your child request for the shapes to put into the dump truck. Have him request to “open” the back door to pour out the shapes after. You can also take turns rolling the truck back and forth.

5. Fishing Game

Your child will love “catching” fish with this magnetic wooden fishing set. There are many language opportunities involved with this toy. You can talk with your child about the colors, sizes, and number of fish prior to catching. Your child can practice taking turns to catch fish and request when it’s his turn (“my turn”). He can tell you about the fish he caught (Ex. “I got a red fish”). You can also practice following directions with this toy. Tell your child which fish to catch and praise him when he follows the direction.


Comment below and let me know your favorite Melissa & Doug toy! 


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