Easy Flower Dot Marker Art Project

This easy dot marker arts and crafts project is perfect to do with your little one in the spring or summer. Continue reading for simple directions and ways to improve your child’s language skills.


  1. Print out the free flower template from patternuniverse.com. I chose the tulip flower, however, you can have your child help choose a different flower.
  2. Cut out the flower.
  3. Help your child put a few pieces of tape on the back and stick the flower on a piece of copy paper or construction paper.flower dot art
  4. Have your child use dot markers or any type of marker/crayon to completely cover the paper.
  5. Slowly peel off the flower to reveal the final project.

flower dot art

Target Language Skills

  1. Vocabulary- Have your child label the colors of the dot markers before beginning the craft. Talk to your child about the parts of the flower; stem, leaves, petals.
  2. Increase utterance length- Have your child request for each color to use. Help expand your child’s sentences. If he says “blue”, you can say “want blue” or “I want blue” and see if he will repeat the longer phrase for you.
  3. Increasing eye contact- Hold the dot marker up by your face so your child will be encouraged to look up at you when requesting.
  4. Following directions- Provide your child with a simple direction to follow such as; use the blue marker or make 5 blue dots.
  5. Asking for help- If your child has difficulty opening the markers, give one to him closed. Wait and see what he does with it. If he hands it back to you to open, have him repeat “help please” or “open please”.

To learn more about using dot markers for increasing language skills check out this previous post. 

To purchase dot markers click on the image below.


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