2 Free Activities to Practice Pronouns (He/She)

Many children with language delays/disorders demonstrate difficulty appropriately using the subject pronouns of he and she. Some children may only use “he” or may only use “she” regardless of gender. By 4-years-old this grammatical error is no longer age-appropriate. Before practicing the appropriate use of he and she, make sure your child understands the difference between boys and girls.  Look through storybooks or magazines together and ask your child to point to boys and girls. Then talk about what the boys and girls are doing in the pictures. For example; She is swimming or He is eating.

Free Practice Pronouns Activities

1. Categorize Boys and Girls

Download this free worksheet.  Cut out the pictures of the boys and girls.  Have your child separate the cards into a boy pile and a girl pile.  Remind your child that for boys we say “he” and for girls we say “she”.

He/She Category Worksheet
He/She Category Worksheet

2. Practice Producing “He” and “She”

Download this free worksheet. Ask your child questions regarding the pictures.  For example, Who has a dog?. Your child should answer “She does”.  If your child says “the girl”, remind your child you are practicing he and she.  Provide your child with options; She does or He does.

He/She Activity (2)
He/She Worksheet (2)

Recommended Product

 Pronoun Parade Fun Deck Cards

Continue practicing “he” and “she” with these easy to use card deck. The cards additionally include the pronoun “they”. The deck includes 54 awesome cards to practice with your child.


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