The Easiest St. Patrick’s Day Activity to Practice Language Skills With Your Child

It’s almost time for St. Patrick’s Day again (March 17th).  Here is a fun and simple game to play with your child that works on expressive and receptive language skills. Continue reading for an easy St. Patrick’s Day activity that will be fun and is also free!


  1. Print out page of shamrocks.
  2. Cut out shamrocks.
  3. Hide them around a room in your house (i.e. under a table, behind a pillow, next to the TV). Make hiding spots more difficult based on your child’s skill level.
  4. Have your child find the shamrocks.
  5. As your child finds each shamrock, help him/her to create short phrases or sentences, such as “I found a shamrock” or “I see the shamrock”.
  6. Help your child talk about where he or she found the shamrock (i.e. “under the pillow” or “next to the book”).

Additional Directions

After you hide the shamrocks for your child, now let your child be the “hider”.  Have your child hide the shamrocks for another family member.  Give your child directions such as “hide it in the kitchen” or “hide in next to the plant”.  Make the directions harder based on your child’s skill level.  If your child is working on following 2-step directions, then provide a direction such as “Hide one shamrock in the bedroom, then hide one in the kitchen”.

Have fun and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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