An Outstanding Book to Read to Your Child for Language Development

If you haven’t read this book with your child yet, please do! Press Here by Hervé Tullet is a simple but wonderful book. The book is interactive in the most refreshing way. This story consists of simple shapes and primary colors, but will keep your child’s attention throughout. The book also provides multiple opportunities to increase language skills.

  1. Following directions– In this story your child will be asked to follow 1-step directions such as; tap the circle, blow on the page, and clap your hands. Some of the directions get a little more complex such as; tap only the yellow circles and tilt the book to the left.
  2. Increasing verb vocabulary- The book will teach your child new verbs such as; tilt, turn, rub, tap, and shake. You can try out these action with other objects around the house as well.
  3. Expressive language- Have your child talk about what changed on the each page.  For example after tapping the yellow circle 5 times, the next page shows a line of five yellow circles. Help your child produce utterances such as “Now there are five circles” or “The circles are bigger”.

After reading the book, your child can create his or her own dot picture. Use red, yellow, and blue dot markers to recreate one of the pictures in the book. Remember to have your child request for each marker (i.e. “I want red”).

To purchase this book click here.

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