What to Do If You Think Your Child May be Language Delayed?

Is your child not speaking yet?  Does it seem like your child may not be speaking as much as his or her peers?  As a speech pathologist, I often have parents coming to me with these concerns.  If you suspect your child may be language delayed, do not hesitate to look for help.  If your child is delayed, getting help earlier is always the best.

If your child is younger than 3-years-old then contact your state’s Early Intervention program.  Your child will have to meet specific qualifications in order to receive services.

If your child is older than 3-years-old then contact your public school system and request for a speech and language evaluation.  The team will meet with you and your child and determine if an evaluation is warranted.  If an evaluation is warranted, then your child has to meet specific qualifications in order to receive services. These qualifications are based on the state you reside.  Review your parent rights and state special education code to find out what services your child could receive.
You can also search for private speech practitioners in your area.  To find an ASHA certified practitioner click here.  ASHA is the national organization that certifies speech language pathologists.
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