Bubbles for Speech Therapy

Using bubbles with your child is an awesome way to work on language skills and also early developing speech sounds. Bubbles for speech therapy is fun and great to do outdoors (or even indoors if you don’t mind a little clean-up after). I have found bubbles to be very motivating for young children which helps to increase language skills.

Learn how to use bubbles for speech therapy

  1. When blowing bubbles with your child you can have him request for the bubbles by saying “bubbles”, “I want bubbles”, or “more bubbles”.
  2. You can expand the activity by asking your child if he wants a big bubble or little bubble.
  3. You can even reach further by asking your child where he wants to blow the bubbles (ex. up, down, under the chair).
  4.  If your child is able to blow bubbles by himself, you can also practice turn taking (ex. “It’s my turn”, “It’s your turn”).
  5. If your child is younger and not quite using words yet, you can also practice some early developing sounds with your children.  See if your child will repeat the “ba” sound to request for bubbles.  You can also see if your child will repeat the “pa” sound when popping the bubbles.  The “p” and “b” sounds are bilabial sounds.  These sounds are developmentally appropriate by 2-years-old.

Below is my favorite brand of bubbles as they are no spill! Click on the picture to purchase.

Bubbles Song

Check out the lyrics of my favorite bubbles song/rhyme that I love to use with little ones during speech therapy. Use whatever tune you’re comfortable with.

Pop, pop, pop, the bubbles go pop!

Pop, pop, pop, the bubbles go pop!

On my hands and on my nose,

No one knows where they’ll go!

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