10 Language Development Toys for Under $10

There are so many toys out on the market that can help expand your child’s language skills, that it becomes difficult to chose which ones to purchase as well as expensive. Luckily there are some reasonably priced toys available.  I have saved you some time and developed a list of 10 toys for under $10 to help improve language skills.  Here we go!

10 Toys for Under $10

1. Play food

Current Cost: $7.95

Play food is a great way for your child to expand expressive language skills as well as pretend play skills. This set of fruit set allows your child an opportunity to talk about actions, such as eating the food, cutting the food,  and cooking the food. You can also ask your child questions about what he is making with the food. You can also help your child describe the fruits, such as by color or shape.

2.Farm animals 

Current Cost: $8.99

Play animals are another great way to facilitate expressive language and pretend play skills. Your child will be able to practice animal sounds and talk about what he is doing with the animals. You can help model for your child the action of the animals such as, eating, jumping, sleeping, walking, or running.

3. Shape puzzle

Current Cost: $7.99

This shape puzzle is perfect for tiny hands. The pieces are large and tangible. Have your child request for the shapes to put into the puzzle. Help your child create a phrase or sentence such as “I want diamond” or “I want the blue circle”. Label the colors and shapes with your child as well.

4. Shape sorter

Current Cost: $9.99

This shape sorter is another great way to work on colors and shapes with your child.  It comes with 19 objects to sort, which is an awesome amount for the price. You can have your child request for shapes to put in the box.  You can also practice turn-taking with your child and go back and forth putting shapes into the box.

5. Reusable sticker pad

Current Cost: $5.81

This is one of my favorite toys on the list. The language skills you can target with this activity are almost endless. The REUSABLE sticker pad comes with five different house scenes your child can decorate (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, backyard, and living room). Each scene comes with many stickers to place on the picture. Have your child request for stickers they want to use. You can also talk to your child about where they are putting the objects (i.e. under the table, or next to the tree). Try to provide your child with directions to follow, such as Put the cookies on the table. The sticker pad is also great for learning household vocabulary.

6. Play-Doh

Current Cost: $7.99

Play-doh allows many opportunities to work on language skills. I have written an entire post dedicated to the using play-doh to target multiple goals.  Check it out here.

7. Let’s Go Fishin’

Current Cost: $8.99

This fishing game is fun and will be motivating for your child. Your child can use the fishing pole to catch fish that are rotating around the pond. After your child catches a fish have him tell you about the fish he caught (i.e. “I got a red fish” or “I caught a blue fish”). Practice turn-taking with this game as well.

8. Matching game

Current Cost: 9.75

Matching games always provide many opportunities for language growth. With this specific matching game, your child will get exposure to upper case and lower case letters. When your child finds a match, have him tell you (i.e. “I got a match” or “I got two B’s”).  If your child turns over two cards that do not match, have him tell you what he found anyway (i.e. “I got an A and a C”, “No match”). Help model these phrases for your child.

9. Bubbles

Current Cost: $7.98

Oh, how I love bubbles for language development. Please read my post dedicated to bubbles to learn how to use them appropriately with your child.

10. Sidewalk chalk

Current Cost: $6.99

Now that it’s getting warmer out, go outside with your child and try out this sidewalk chalk. Have your child request for specific colors of the chalk.  Talk to your child about what he is labeling.  Ask him to draw specific shapes or objects to practice following directions. Let him give you directions about something he wants you to draw.

And there you have it, 10 toys for under $10 for language development. These toys will give you many opportunities to promote strong language skills for your child. If you have any specific questions about using these products with your child, please ask!


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