language activities that don't require toys

10 Language Activities That Don’t Require Toys

I often write about great games and toys that you can purchase to help improve your child's language skills. However, it's always possible to increase your child's language skills during your normal daily routine, without the use of special toys. One of the best ways to work on language skills with your child is in [...]

10 Fun Ways to Practice Language Skills at the Park

10 Fun Ways to Work on Language Skills at the Park

Now that the weather is nicer and warmer, it is great to get outside with your child and enjoy some fresh air. There are so many ways to incorporate language skills when playing outside with your child. Continue reading for 10 fun ideas to try out with your child. 10 ways to work on language skills [...]

reusable sticker pad for language development

5 Language Skills to Target With the Best Reusable Stickerpad

If you don't already know, the Melissa & Doug brand has the best toys, games, and activities to use with your child.  The products often even list ways to use them to help develop stronger language skills for your child. I have written about their reusable stickerpad product previously in my post 10 Toys for Under [...]

Best ways to incorporate language skills into cooking with your child

Best Ways to Incorporate Language Skills into Cooking With Your Child

If you're like me and enjoy cooking, you will love these ways to incorporate your child and language skills into the activity. Cooking with your child is a naturalistic way to practice some important communication skills such as following directions, sequencing, and learning new vocabulary.  Another benefit is that your child will end up with [...]

Super Simple Kite Craft to Work on Increasing Your Child’s Language Skills

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive craft to do with your child? Here is the perfect craft for the windy days of March. Making a kite has never been so simple. Below you will find the directions to make the simple kite craft as well as some ideas to incorporate language skills. Materials [...]

5 Awesome Ways to Increase Language Skills with Category Cards

Category cards are a fantastic way to improve your child's language skills (ages 3 and up). The cards offer many different ways to use them so your child will not get bored. The best product of category cards that I have found include very simple cards.  Each card has one large colorful picture of an object. [...]

mystery box

5 Outstanding Ways to Use a Mystery Box to Improve Language Skills

First of all, you may be wondering; What is a mystery box?   A mystery box is any box that has a small opening in which a hand can fit inside. Inside the box contains mystery objects, such as small toys or objects. You can easily create your own mystery box using a tissue box.  Place inside [...]