10 places to visit in NJ with your special needs child

10 Places to Visit in NJ With Your Special Needs Child

Sometimes you may find it difficult to get out of the house with your special needs child. You may not know where to go or find it challenging to manage your child's behaviors outside of the house. It is SO important to get out of the house with your child as these outings provide bonding [...]

5 Tips for Interacting with a Child on the Autism Spectrum (2)

5 Helpful Tips for Interacting With a Child on the Autism Spectrum

In honor of World Autism Day on April 2nd, this post is dedicated to Light It Up Blue. It is so important for people to understand autism, as it affects 1 in 68 children in the United States (this number may even be higher according to some studies). As more and more children become diagnosed [...]

Speech and Language Lingo Broken Down

14 of the Most Common Speech and Language Lingo Explained for You

Has your child recently begun receiving speech therapy?  There are a lot of terms that may be thrown at you that can be confusing.  The terms that speech therapists sometimes use aren't always the most easy to understand.  I will breakdown some of the most common speech and language lingo to make the therapy process [...]

parenting a language delayed child

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting a Language Delayed Child

If you have a child with language difficulties (receptive and/or expressive) sometimes it's difficult to know how to communicate with them.  Should you speak in shorter sentences to help them understand?  Should you speak slower?  Should you interact in a specific way?  Here are four do's and don'ts of parenting a language delayed child. 4 [...]

Get your child talk about school

Helpful Ideas to Get Your Child to Talk About School

When I speak with parents of children with language disorders, one common concern I hear is that my child can't tell me about his school day. This concern makes sense.  It's natural for a parent to want to know about their child's day and to be able to talk about school. However, children with language disorders demonstrate [...]

speech sound development

Important Speech Sound Development Information

How do you know if your child's speech difficulties are developmental or disordered? There are many speech sound development charts and guidelines online that can provide you with normative information on sound development.  However, I have found this chart to be the most useful: Consonant Acquisition Chart What sounds should your child be able to [...]

child's eye contact

Powerful Ways to Increase Your Child’s Eye Contact

Does your child have difficulty looking at you when asking for things or telling you something? Poor eye contact is very common for child on the Autism Spectrum. Establishing and maintaining eye contact is an important ability to have socially. There are some ways you can work with your child to help increase this skill. [...]