Leaf Hide-and-Seek: Fall Speech Therapy Activity

A great fall speech therapy activity I like to do with my students is "Leaf Hide-and-Seek". The game is very simple and requires minimal setup, but the outcomes are great! In order to play, you will need to place leaves in different areas of a room. Then ask the child to search for the hidden [...]

language activities that don't require toys

10 Language Activities That Don’t Require Toys

I often write about great games and toys that you can purchase to help improve your child's language skills. However, it's always possible to increase your child's language skills during your normal daily routine, without the use of special toys. One of the best ways to work on language skills with your child is in [...]

Preschool Songs

10 Great Preschool Songs for Language Development

Singing with your child is a fabulous and fun way to work on language skills. The repetitive nature of many preschool songs will help your child to follow along and hopefully also sing along! Many of these preschool songs have motions that your child can do while singing or listening. Continue reading to get a list [...]

Free Activities to Practice Pronouns He/She

2 Free Activities to Practice Pronouns (He/She)

Many children with language delays/disorders demonstrate difficulty appropriately using the subject pronouns of he and she. Some children may only use "he" or may only use "she" regardless of gender. By 4-years-old this grammatical error is no longer age-appropriate. Before practicing the appropriate use of he and she, make sure your child understands the difference [...]

10 Fun Ways to Practice Language Skills at the Park

10 Fun Ways to Work on Language Skills at the Park

Now that the weather is nicer and warmer, it is great to get outside with your child and enjoy some fresh air. There are so many ways to incorporate language skills when playing outside with your child. Continue reading for 10 fun ideas to try out with your child. 10 ways to work on language skills [...]

reusable sticker pad for language development

5 Language Skills to Target With the Best Reusable Stickerpad

If you don't already know, the Melissa & Doug brand has the best toys, games, and activities to use with your child.  The products often even list ways to use them to help develop stronger language skills for your child. I have written about their reusable stickerpad product previously in my post 10 Toys for Under [...]